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About the Wolf Pack

Hi! Thanks for stopping by Chasing the Wolf Pack

I'm Cassie. I'm a full-time attorney and mom living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I love cheesecake and ice cream. My favorite evenings are sitting at home watching Thursday night programming with my two guys. I spend every Saturday with my toddler, Wolf Prince, going to parades, festivals, parks, or just chilling at our house. When Papa Wolf closes, we often have toddler-Mommy date night, and we'll go get noodles that Daddy doesn't want to eat or chill out watching Nick Jr. I'm animal lover and would adopt every animal at the shelter if I could. I'm allergic to peanuts and everything outdoors. I'm on the bottom of the crunchy scale, but working my way up and currently trying to live a cleaner and greener life. I love blogging about our life, cloth diapering, allergy awareness, becoming green, and becoming self-sustaining.

My husband is Papa Wolf. We've been married since November 2009. I met him while I was in college. He works as a general manager at a local restaurant. He loves baking and cooking. He makes wonderful cookies, cheesecake, and ice cream. My taste buds love it all. My waistline, not so much, but the taste buds win out. He'll be testing his green thumb this summer and attempting to start getting us semi-self-sustaining. He also loves watching Bleach, superhero movies, and hanging out with family and friends.

The little cutie pie is our toddler, Wolf Prince. He's three and was born a week before our one-year wedding anniversary. He loves trains, cars, blocks, trains, Spongebob, trains, chasing the dogs, running, and did I mention trains? He got his Daddy's beautiful blue eyes. He's a trouble-maker and gives us a run for our money. But one adorable toddler. He already has the girls chasing him.

We have two dogs: a Beagle nicknamed Diva Dog, and a Norwegian Elkhound nicknamed Elkie. Diva Dog is four. She likes to misbehave including: getting in the trash, crawling under the fence, stealing food, etc. She's controlled by her nose. Pure Beagle. She also loves to play with all of us, and Wolf Prince loves playing with his dogs. Elkie is five. He's a big softy. He loves being outside, running in the yard, barking at the neighbor dog that he has a crush on, and getting lots of attention. He also nicely cleans up the yard from any rodents.

Together, we're the Wolf Pack. We have many adventures, joys, and trials that we love to share with our readers! Follow us and join us as we tackle

Our Journey in Parenthood...One Adventure at a Time
The Wolf Pack
Papa Wolf, Momma Wolf, and Wolf Prince

Photo courtesy of Studio 5 Photography.

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